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TOM WHITE, PhD, MA, BAs, MAPS, AHPRA                                  

Tertiary background includes psychology, business, accounting, and law. Leadership background includes Senior Executive, Executive, Manager, Consultant, Project Manager/Director, Program Director, and Executive Coach across all industry clusters, i.e. telecommunications, banking, finance, manufacturing, IT, consulting, public sector, entertainment and medicine. For more information please visit www.changelink.com.au

This extensive background has enabled Tom to learn and perform at very high levels across the following seven leadership situations. In fact, time and again he has been contracted to provide high performance leadership in these situations on behalf of CEOs and Executive Teams.

  1. Performance Debrief Generic.
  2. Performance Coaching GROW
  3. Performance Coaching Debrief
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Change Management
  6. Negotiation 
  7. Team Problem Solving

Seven Leadership Situations unpacked:

1, 2, 3. Performance Debrief Generic, Performance Coaching GROW and Performance Coaching Debrief
Tom's track cross industry record as a People Manager, Senior Manager, Executive and Project Manager/Director includes a consistent story of leadership effectiveness characterised by supporting people to achieve and even over achieve their goals as well as managing people out, who were a bad fit. This track record was later extended in the role of Executive Coach. It is important to acknowledge that success was due to learnable behaviours and methodology.

4. Conflict Management
Tom's track record of mediating conflict between individuals and teams includes being retained for two years as the conflict mediator at the NSW Department of Childrens' Services (DoCS) for unresolved conflict for over a year. He successfully mediated all conflict. However, OurCoach Conflict Management is for managers and executives to apply the proven learnable behaviours and methodology, which will ensure that disagreements are effectively resolved and do not evolve to conflict.

5. Change Management
Example: As the Project Director of Culture Integration of the largest acquisition in the history if IT, Tom choreographed large scale change using a strong leadership and small group methodology in large forums. He has been adjunct Change Management faculty for the UNSW AGSM. Measurable success was achieved by applying proven learnable behaviours and methodology.

6. Negotiation
Tom has been the lead negotiator in numerous situations, such as, customer buyer/manufacturer supplier, industrial relations, sales/services teams etc.  In addition, he has run numerous negotiation workshops for executives. 
Example: Tom was hired to coach an ABN AMRO Executive with no negotiation experience to a very successful sale of one of its businesses. All of these successful negotiation cases were achieved by applying proven learnable behaviours and methodology.

7. Team Problem Solving
Tom has a strong track record of building and maintaining high performance teams.
Example:  Tom built and led a high level and measurable high performance team at Westpac. He has delivered numerous team building residentials and team development workshops. Consistent across his highly effective team deliverables has been the application of proven learnable behaviours and methodology.

Dr Tom White (2015)

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